Painting Outdoors

Welcome to my first blog on my new website!

I am mainly a studio painter. I like having everything I need right there and not having to carry a bunch of gear to another place to paint. My environment is climate controlled and there are no bugs! My husband on the other hand loves to paint "plein air". Up to this point, I have been going along with him grudgingly (alright .  . .complaining!) It's too hot, I don't paint landscapes, I never get anything worthwhile, why aren't I back in my studio? That sort of thing.

Then my husband brought to my attention a UTube video with a painter who does "Urban Sketching". He uses pens, Tombow waterbased pens and a small watercolor set with brush. I loved what he did! So fresh and quickly done. I have always enjoyed sketching with Micron pens in my sketchbook, especially when we travel so this seemed like a good fit.

We have gone out a couple of times now and I have been doing some small sketches with a little watercolor. I find that I really enjoy this. No pressure to create a grand masterpiece but just capturing what I see by sketching with ink pens & doing some washes. This weekend we are going to Villa Catalana Cellars, a winery in Oregon City, Oregon for an evening of "Art in the Garden". Local artists will be painting on the lovely grounds of the winery while guests there have dinner and wander around to look at the art being produced. Should be a fun evening for all and I will get to try out my "plein air" skills.